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Stay at home. Train at home (Covid-19 lockdown)

Hi All,

With gyms already shut and the plans to shut down parks and ban outdoor training we must adjust. Without the ability to go out for a walk for weeks or months on end, we need to make sure we remain active in the comfort of our own homes.

Nobody knows how long this lockdown is going to last, so let’s plan for the worst!
I’m slowly developing remote training options for all of you – completely FREE of charge at the moment.

I’m being completely honest with you: Online coaching is completely new to me and it’ll take me some time to develop something as good or even better than my in-person coaching – a package that offers bespoke training with nutritional coaching and the psychology of change for best adherence and sustainable results.

And until then I’ve got these options for you:
1. Tune in on my Live stream workouts Mon-Fri at 6:30pm on my Facebook group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/883124258790495/
2. Download the workout template below for simple home workouts with minimal to no equipment  👇

1. Fill a backpack with books and use it for squats, lunges, hip thrusts, press-ups, pull-ups etc.
2. Use cans or jars for hand weights
3. Pick up a rock/log in the garden
4. Fill 2 cartons of milk with sand/grit
5. Purchase resistance bands and/or adjustable dumbbells (message me if you want recommendations on this, however due to the current situations most home gym distributors have increased their prices 😡)

Alright, next steps:
1. Download the template below (some raw videos there, I’m working on improving their quality 🙏)
2. Join my Facebook group – don’t miss the live stream tonight at 6:30pm GMT https://www.facebook.com/groups/883124258790495/

Lots of love,

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