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Client Testimonials

Victoria is fantastic. Working with her I have not only achieved great results with my body, I have completely changed my attitude towards exercise and eating. I lost 15kg with her completely painlessly, with minimum cardio and actually eating more than I was previously. She kept workouts fun and interesting and after each session I was streaming with endorphins. I now love weightlifting, not just for what it does to my body, but for what it does for my mood and for that, I owe her entirely.
Catherine McDonald
With our exercise programme, Victoria knows exactly how to encourage me, push me and entertain me. She helps me understand the importance of correct form and my programme is devised to allow me to progress to more and more developed exercises and I am really amazed now at what I can lift. My best result from working with Victoria? SELF-BELIEF! The faith she has in me that I could achieve has given me the self-belief that I can and I am! And yes, I have seen results – within a month I have visibly lost weight, gained definition and felt more energetic and looked better. I would wholeheartedly recommend Victoria as a trainer, without reservation.
Shaghayegh Parsa
I wanted to work with a personal trainer to motivate me to do more - whether that be pushing me to do something I am uncomfortable with or pushing more repetitions / a heavier weight. A weekly regular session also helps ensure I prioritise my exercise! Victoria takes the time to understand my needs, develop workouts that challenge and also target exercises to address an underlying back issue I have. She takes the time to explain exercises, and get my technique right to relentlessly ensure I execute the exercises safely. She explains not only the exercise but how it will help my fitness and strength. She’s fun to work with - incredibly personable and really passionate about helping with your goals - taking time to research my health issues and develop the best plan for me. I have no hesitation recommending Victoria
I hired a PT to gain some weight as I was feeling underweight. After working with Victoria I have gained a lot of strength and muscle. I feel 💯 better about myself. I can now deadlift 200kg. I would highly recommend Victoria as a trainer. She is highly motivated and constantly improving her training methods and researching the latest innovations in the industry.
The reason I hired a PT was because I had tried so many diets and home exercises but I did not see much difference in my body. So I knew I needed a PT who could push me to the next level. Honestly everything has changed about me since hiring Victoria: l sleep better, I feel more alert, my energy levels are amazing and above all my body has changed in shape. I have more muscles and I have lost fat. When I started with Victoria about 8 months ago I was 69kg and now am 57.4 kg. It’s amazing what anyone can achieve by taking that extra step to improve their health . What I like about Vic is when she's training you, she means business 😂 she doesn’t take negative words (like I 'don’t' or 'I can’t') for an answer - positivity all the way. All I knew about food was “if you want to lose weight don’t eat carbs“. Victoria has helped me realise that this is NOT TRUE, we need cabs in our diet. I have tried almost every diet and even though I lost weight, as soon as I stopped, I put everythng back on very quickly. Now I understand the importance of balanced meals and that I don’t need to avoid carbs to achieve the body I want. I'm in lockdown now, in the best shape of my life and I eat everything I want . Thanks to you Victoria 💪🏿❤️

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