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Who is it for?

This plan is for you if:

  • You’ve always thought of yourself as skinny and admired a more muscular/athletic/curvier physique;
  • You have no idea where to start. The gym seems scary and intimidating – a place for the ‘grunters’ and the self-obsessed.
  • You have tried following a muscle building routine, but got confused with all the information out there and find it impossible to get your head around all the food you have to eat!

What will you get?

  • Free 45 min 1-2-1 or Skype consultation
  • 1-2-1 sessions with me in a fully equipped, friendly, privately owned gym
  • A full assessment of the way you move, your current habits and lifestyle
  • An action plan with possible things to expect and the realistic time-frames
  • Bespoke training plan, regularly revised and updated

Nutritional coaching and habit coaching available at a surcharge.

To keep your body in a constant anabolic (muscle building) state, proper nutrition is paramount! To do that you need the knowledge in nutrition and the skill of doing it consistently and that’s where the nutrition and habit coaching comes in.

To create an optimal environment for your body to grow and/or maintain the muscle you’ve already got, some habit and lifestyle changes need to be put in place and practised consistently e.g. discipline, values and priorities, shopping skills, cooking skills, stress and recovery management etc.

Investing in habit coaching will save you the frustration figuring it out yourself and failing multiple times along the line. It will also hugely benefit other areas of your life.




  • Package of (1-hour) 10 sessions – £350 (save £50)
  • Package of (1-hour) 20 sessions – £630 (save £70) that’s a 10 week commitment!
  • 1 off session £45

Nutrition and Habit coaching:

I don’t offer meal plans, because eating off a daily menu is not sustainable

I prefer to adapt your nutrition to your lifestyle i.e. incorporate one small change at a time, so that your life doesn’t revolve around food.

I focus my effort and time with you on creating small, sustainable habit changes that will hugely benefit all areas of your life and will ultimately make you a competent lifter, boss in the kitchen and in complete control of your body weight

These habit changes will also help you understand and control your emotions, so that your every choice is a logical choice, which means the best choice, so no regrets, self sabotage and self punishment.

£150 surcharge to the 10 session package for 5 Skype Nutrition and Habit sessions

£250 surcharge to the 20 session package for 10 Skype Nutrition and Habit sessions (Imagine the difference you’ll see in 10 weeks time!) :-O

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