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Make friends with food

Make friends with food

Food is directly affecting our body and mind. So being in good terms with it is vitally important. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, a good relationship with food is a farfetched fantasy. There are numerous factors to blame, but I’m not here to instil a victim mentality in you, quite the opposite, I believe we always have a choice.

You can’t control what happened in the past, you can’t control natural calamities, you can’t control the passage of time, you can’t control the media, commercialised food, the government etc. (do you see where I’m going with this?), BUT, you can control what YOU are doing now with YOUR life! You can decide whether you switch the telly off and stop wasting time on reality shows and adverts, you can decide whether you are going to McDonald’s for lunch or bring your own, you can choose to ignore the ‘quick pill’, ‘juice plus’  – quick fix crap out there, you can choose to chase the emaciated, skinny look at the expense of your health or you can put your health first. At each and every step, the choice is yours!

‘Make friends with food’ is going to be the title of the immediate next project I am taking on. I will spend as long as it takes to educate myself on ways to coach you guys to fall back in love with your body and heal your relationship with food. I cannot stress it highly enough how blissful it is to stop thinking about the calories in food, to stop stressing on what’s next to have to compensate for the big lunch you’ve just had with friends, to enjoy the big hearty meals out with no guilt and anxiety and to just be at peace with your body and mind.

All of that did not come easy to me and it most certainly won’t come easy to you, but no things worth having are easy to get and it’s worth every ounce of your energy to acquire the skill of intuitive eating. I am now in the process of perfecting it myself. And I currently do not hold the skill of passing it on, but I’ll make it my priority in the next year. It’s going to be a massive project which I’m extremely passionate and excited about!

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