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Hi, I'm Victoria

Achieving and maintaining your ideal body is a lifestyle change.

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Most of my lifting career I was conflicted. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be skinny or strong. I tried to look for something in between, but lacking the knowledge and any idea of how to find valid information and who to listen to, I was always falling short of finding the right answer for myself. 

So I’d go full on into a muscle building program, stop half way, because I’d perceive myself getting ‘too big’, abandon it and do a complete 360 into a weightloss program. 

Inevitably, I developed poor eating habits and a broken relationship with food.  Enough to say this wouldn’t take me anywhere and would leave me always unsatisfied with my own results. 

It wasn’t that I lacked the grit or the discipline. Rather I didn’t have the right coaches and information. 

I never stopped looking! Now, 6 yrs later I’m in a circle of some of the most prominent coaches and fitness experts in the country, that I can call my friends and peers! So if I don’t know the answer to any issues you’re having, I’ve got a strong network who has got our back!  

Once you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m very demanding of myself, so what follows is a very special statement: 

I’m proud to say that I’d hire my current self for my younger self, who was running pillar to post 6 yrs ago. 

I’d tell my younger self to eat at consistent times, not replace meals with sugar, hire a knowledgeable coach to teach me how to train and guide me through my doubts and insecurities.

I couldn’t afford a coach at the time. But if you can – hire one, it’s a no-brainer! It is such a valuable investment!  

Expertly Designed Services:

Personal training

Whether you’re someone who has never stepped into a gym before or you’re a regular gym goer, but are demoralised by the lack of progress - my 1-2-1 services will meet you where you’re at.
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Injury Rehab

If your doctors and physios haven’t been able to help, chances are improving joint stability and muscle function by strengthening will only benefit you
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Sports Performance

I’ve had the chance of working with some amazing athletes in Running and Swimming. if you need help with improving your strength or minimising injury in these sports, see how I can help
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Elderly strength and mobility

Staying active is paramount to longevity and a good quality of life. Explore how strengthening your bones and muscles can make your day to day tasks easier
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