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365 day Habit building program


365 day Habit building program for a healthy, slim, fit, gym and kitchen competent lifestyle!

I’m building a year long program designed to take you from knowing nothing or very little about healthy eating and exercise to a fully competent lifter and in control of your body weight.

The focus will be on building small habits into your routine until you’ve completely transformed your lifestyle!

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What will you get?

  • Here is a snippet of things you can expect to achieve:
  • become a competent lifter
  • become a creative cook
  • in control of your bodyweight
  • know how to stay fit all year round while enjoying the socials
  • make your fit mindset automatic so you don’t need to worry about gaining weight on holidays and nights out.
  • Ditch the poisonous, unhealthy habits for the fresh and fit ones to live a long, healthy life!
  • And so much more

Prices & Options

This project is still in the making. Prices TBC

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