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Ideal body pending...

Achieving and maintaining your ideal body is a lifestyle change.

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Hi, I'm Victoria

I’m a personal trainer based in Edinburgh. My 1-2-1 coaching services focus on improving performance, strength and mobility. Whether you’re struggling to build muscle, looking to improve sports performance, rehab after injury or keep strong and mobile as you age, I have a package for you.

When I don’t coach, I spend my time taping balloons to my study skeleton, called Ozzy. This allows me to observe the direction of our muscle fibers, see what they do, when I move the joint(s) that muscle crosses. Here’s a little demo 🙂

With this knowledge I’m able to better design the exercises suited to you and your anatomy. 

Yes, anatomically we’re all slightly different and these small differences will often dictate the discrepancy in results between you and the next person. The solution is to choose the exercises suited TO you and tweak the rest to work FOR you. 


Build a powerful framework

Build a powerful framework for progressive training, nutrition and a growth mindset.

Fix your relationship with food

Break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating and food anxiety.

Provide structure to your workouts

Structure and a long term plan so you can stop wasting your time and finally achieve the results you want.

Tailor your training to best suit your body mechanics.

Your body proportions dictate what exercises are suitable for you and your goals. With this knowledge we can design the most optimal training for you!

Immediate feedback

When training alone, you become unaware of the mistakes you're making. Hiring a coach will provide you with a feedback loop and a clear path forward.

Expertly Designed Services:

Personal training

Whether you’re someone who has never stepped into a gym before or you’re a regular gym goer, but are demoralised by the lack of progress - my 1-2-1 services will meet you where you’re at.
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Elderly strength and mobility

Staying active is paramount to longevity and a good quality of life. Explore how strengthening your bones and muscles can make your day to day tasks easier
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Sports Performance

I’ve had the chance of working with some amazing athletes in Running and Swimming. if you need help with improving your strength or minimising injury in these sports, see how I can help
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Injury Rehab

If your doctors and physios haven’t been able to help, chances are improving joint stability and muscle function by strengthening will only benefit you
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